Environment and territory

Environment and territory

Discovering Forte dei Marmi invariably means falling in love with the marvelous, uncontaminated nature that cradles the town and sends its tendrils down the shady streets. Here, care for the environment and attention to nature, in public spaces as in private gardens, on the beach and in the pinewoods, is a tradition to be defended.

Awards and Certifications
That Forte dei Marmi has qualified as an FEE Blue Flag resort every year since 1990 is proof positive of Forte’s commitment to the environment. The Blue Flag is awarded to municipalities which, like Forte, stand out for the quality of their coastal waters and for the sustainability of their territorial management.

Since 2003, the Comune di Forte dei Marmi has met the stringent requirements for certification under UNI EN ISO 14001, the international standard for quality environmental management.

In 2012, the Comune di Forte dei Marmi obtained EMAS registration under European Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 on environmental management, which calls for informing residents – fully and with the maximum transparency, via drafting of an annual Environmental Statement – about the environmental policies, practices, and performance (the environmental management goals achieved over time) by the municipal government.

Sistema Gestionale della Raccolta Differenziata – SGRD (Separate Waste Collection Management System)

Go to www.ersu.it/territori/forte-dei-marmi/ for information regarding waste collection in the Forte dei Marmi municipal territory in the different periods of the year. Sorted waste may be dropped off at the recycling points in Piazza Dante and in Piazza Marconi (organic waste, paper-cardboard-Tetrapak, multimaterial waste, and non-recyclable waste). The SGRD provides for pick-up services and maintains waste collection centers in several locations in Versilia.